About us



Name: Texim Asset Management EAD

Seat: Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia

Registered address: Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, 117 Todor Alexandrov Blvd.

UIC: 175027521

Telephone: (+359 2) 903 5640

Е-mail: asset.management@teximbank.bg

Web: www.texim-am.bg

Date of establishment: 9 February 2006

Number and date of the licence issued by the Financial Supervision Commission: № 79-УД of 1

February 2006.

Registered and paid-in capital: BGN 300,000

Country of origin: the country of origin of the Texim Asset Management EAD is the Republic of Bulgaria.

“Texim Asset Management” EAD  is solely owned by “Texim Bank” AD.